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Sunset over Kalbarri WA

Beyond The Clouds The Changing Years Araluen... a place of singing waters When Your Eyes Kissed Mine Footprints in Memory's Dust

Calming Music – By John Barnard

This comforting music has given hope to many who have sought to discover within but cannot find words that reveal their innermost feelings and thoughts truthfully.

This website is dedicated to those who suffer from anxiety and stress. The music features soft piano and drifting strings, and has been proven, in many instances, to help those in need. So think not of this music being ‘free’ per se, I am simply donating it to those who may need to hear it, as I did when composing it over a five year period of time in my life when all I wanted was solitude.

The content is calming music from my four instrumental albums plus some inspirational Australian bush poetry tracks written by Les Mellet, accompanied by my music, on the fifth album.

It may be of interest to you that British Airways selected two of my albums and played them worldwide on all long haul flights for two years on their relaxation audio channel.

Tracks are full length, not just 30 second samples, and the entire albums are there too.

All of this calming music may be purchased on Google Play at this location:

John Barnard – Music on Google Play

Beyond The Clouds | The Changing Years | Araluen | When Your Eyes Kissed Mine | Footprints In Memory’s Dust
“The moodiness of these sounds is so unashamed it almost creates a new art form in its own right”
Alex, Surrey, UK